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Dance Classes You Can Really Step Into

We offer a range of classes for many ages suited to all abilities. Whether you are a beginner who has never danced, you are seeking something different or someone looking to return, our dance family is ready to welcome you.

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One of the world’s most beautiful and revered art forms.

Adults and children alike will love building on a foundation of basic movements set to beautiful music as they grow their strength and abilities.

We offer a range of classes to suit all ages and abilities. 

Students who take ballet classes build self-control, body awareness and self discipline as they learn to master increasingly technical moves.

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Tap & Modern

Get your groove on with these exciting and innovative dance styles.

Tap and modern classes are great fun, ideal for those with lots of energy wanting a more rounded knowledge of dance or adults who have always wanted to have a go. These styles can help with coordination, rhythm, musicality and agility.

We take part in an annual Tapathon event raising money for BBC's Children In Need Appeal and this event is also a world record attempt. This event is open to all ages and levels.

For more information on tap and modern see the 
'about IDTA' section or ask Miss Alex.



Boost your fitness, flexibility and acrobatic dance skills.

Acro is a blend of styles combining classic dance techniques with acrobatic skills. This form of dance is largely athletic while using unique choreography to emphasise it's use of acrobatics in the dance environment.

It is a popular dance style in professional dance theatre and in contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.


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